Advent Candles Decorated with Flying Doves

Here are two ways of using candles for Advent. The candles have spirals of wire wrapped around them to which white doves are attached. Names are written on the doves. You might prepare one candle for the whole of Advent using the traditional Advent themes or four candles naming a different group in the local community each Sunday.

(See Advent Doves for Candles in How to Make)

For one candle you will need:

1 large free-standing dark-coloured candle
Florists’ wire to wrap around the candle – Oasis 2mm Aluminium Wire is ideal
Four doves cut out in white card and labelled The People of God, The Prophets, John the Baptist, and Mary
A plate to put the candle on


Take the wire and measure the amount needed to looselywrap around the candle plus enough to be melted into the bottom of the candle.
Cut the wire to the required length.
Bend one of the ends of the cut piece of wire about 1.5cms.
Heat this bent piece of wire in a flame (the rest of the wire will get very hot so hold the wire with a pair of pliers rather than with your hand).
Once the wire is hot press it into the bottom of the candle so it melts the candle and makes a gully for the wire to sit in (see Gallery photos).
Now take another lighted candle and drip some wax into the gully so securing the wire in place (see Gallery photos).  Make sure that the base of the candle is flat so it will stand safely and not wobble. Allow the wax to harden.
Now carefully twist the wire around the candle.
Attach the four doves to the wire going round the candle using a hot glue gun or sticky spots (see Gallery photo for example for school groups).
Place the candle safely on a plate.

The candle can be placed on or by the altar. Each Sunday it is lit during the intercessions and a prayer is included for The People of God, The Prophets, John the Baptist or Mary.

For four candles you will need: 

4 large free-standing dark-coloured candles
Florists’ wire to wrap around the candle – Oasis 2mm Aluminium Wire is ideal
Doves cut out and named with people belonging to a group in the community (See below for suggestions of groups)
4 plates to put the candles on


Prepare each of the four candles in the same way as above. When attaching the doves remember to keep people belonging to a similar group around each candle, eg people who work in schools (see Gallery photo).

The four candles can be placed in strategic places around the church as prayer stations.  Alternatively they might be placed on or by the altar.  Each Sunday one of the candles is lit during the intercessions and a prayer is included for the people named on that candle.

Suggestions for groups of people:

The church community:

Children, Young People, Families, Older folk, Ministry Team, Choir, Sunday School, Servers, Sides People, Churchwardens, Cleaners, Flower Arrangers, Money Counters, Coffee Makers, Bell Ringers, Parish Office, PCC, Bible Readers, Intercessors, Churches Together

The local community:

Chemists, Doctors, Dentists, Nurses, Ambulance Drivers, Paramedics, Counsellors
Police, Traffic Wardens, Firemen/women, Shopkeepers, Local Council
Refuse Collectors, Street Cleaners, Park Gardeners, Milk and Post Deliverers,
Teachers, Classroom Assistants, Dinner People, Mentors, School Cleaners, Head Teachers, Lollypop Men/Women

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