The Changing Ring

Advent Ring > Christmas Ring > Epiphany Ring > Lent Ring > Finally to Easter Ring

The idea of this ring is that it changes as the seasons pass.  For Advent a plain green ring surrounds four purple candles (see Gallery photo) or one purple candle and stones. At Christmas the four candles/one candle and stones are removed and one large white candle is placed in the middle surrounded by silver baubles (see Gallery photo). For Epiphany gold baubles are added to the silver (see Gallery photo). At the beginning of Lent the silver and gold baubles are removed and the plain green ring just has one purple candle in the middle surrounded by stones (see Gallery photo).  For Holy Week some of the Maundy Thursday and Good Friday symbols can be added around the outside of the circle of green – a bowl and towel, a goblet and bread, coins, cockerel, hammer, nails (see Gallery photo). On Easter Day the purple candle is replaced by a large white candle and the stones are covered with eggs – blown ones, artificial ones or chocolate ones (see Gallery photo).

If the ring is an artificial one it can then be put away until Advent comes around again.

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