Advent Altar Frontal Designs

Advent is a season for quiet reflection as we prepare ourselves to welcome our Lord at Christmas. The church’s seasonal colour is purple to show it is a time of penitence and preparation. During Advent the church is often quite austere and stripped of any colour.  Some churches stop using flowers, but many churches do have an Advent Ring with four candles that they light each Sunday in Advent and one they light on Christmas Day. 

As an alternative to an Advent Ring here are ideas for three paper altar frontal designs which bring together the purple colour of Advent and the lighting of candles.  Each Sunday a child might be asked to stick a paper flame onto one of the candles.  There might be just four paper candles to light, with a large real one on the altar to light on Christmas Day, or there might be five candles on the frontal.

The frontal could be without words and just have the candles, but if words are going to be used they need to reflect something of the Advent season.  All the readings for Sundays in Advent are telling us to ‘Get ready’, ‘Wake up!’ and ‘Be prepared’. These are good words to put on altar frontals.

In this way the church is taking a leaf out of the secular world where advertisements are used to influence people to ‘do’ something, for example ‘Dine in comfort’,  or ‘Awaken your senses’. The words on the altar frontal encourage people who come to services during Advent to ‘do’ something too.  Other words appropriate for an Advent altar frontal might include ‘Be on guard’, ‘Be alert!’, ‘Watch!’ ‘Are you ready?’, ‘Jesus is coming’, and ‘Estimated date of arrival 25.12’.  By using one of these wake-up calls the congregation is reminded, Sunday by Sunday, what the season of Advent is all about.

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