Lord, we pray be near us

Tune: Cranham 65 65D

1. Lord, we pray be near us
In this time of grief;
Bring us peace and healing,
Solace and relief:
Heaviness surrounds us
Like a storm-filled cloud;
Sounds of day and sunlight
Now seem harsh and loud.

2. As the shadows deepen
Chasing out the light;
Hold us in your hand, and
Lead us through the night:
May we, in our sorrow,
Feel your loving care;
When life overwhelms us
Know that you are near.

3. In the end we trust that  
All shall be made well;
Send your Holy Spirit
In our hearts to dwell.
Gently, oh so gently,
Day must dawn again;
Shafts of golden sunlight
Shining through the rain.

Text © Jan Brind 2004



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