Advent Prayer

God of the sun, the moon, the stars and of all heaven,
you sent your Son Jesus Christ to bring the good news of love, joy and peace to all people on earth.
We pray that we may find ourselves awake, prepared and ready to welcome him into our lives.
When we are weak, you will fill us with your strength
When we are fearful, you will help us to be brave
When we are doubtful, your truth will be our guide
When we fail to listen, our ears will open to hear your voice
When we stumble, our path will become smooth
When we are lonely, you will create a community of love
When we are grieving, you will comfort us
When conflict is threatened, you will show us a way of peace
When darkness is all around, you will surround us with your light
Gracious and loving Father, we pray to you.
In your mercy, hear us. Amen.


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