Swags and Garlands around Doors

Here is a very easy way to put swags and garlands around doors using both artificial and real greenery.  Good for Christmas, festivals and weddings.

Buy artificial swags or garlands twice as long as you need for the spaces to be covered. These can be bought very easily on the internet. Use the words ‘Christmas garland’ in the search engine.

Fold each swag or garland in half and twist the two halves together.  Hang one firmly in place on each side of the door.

Cut a large quality of greenery into short pieces.  Anything that is green in winter, either leaves or small pieces of fir tree.

Cut gypsophila into short pieces.

Push the greenery and gypsophila into the swag or garland.  Because the base of the swag or garland is wire the greenery and gypsophila will stay in place without any more fixings (see Gallery photo).


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