Advent Challenge Calendar

This is an Advent Calendar that has weekly challenges in the pockets to do through Advent. (See photos in Gallery)

Each Sunday ask people in the congregation to take a challenge out of the relevant pocket and act upon the challenge during the following week.

The following Sundays ask the congregation if anyone who like to speak about how they got on with their challenge.

To make the Advent Challenge Calendar

Make and decorate a background for your Advent Calendar. Make it to fit in the space where it will hang.  It could be your altar frontal or a banner. (See instructions for How to Make a Paper Altar Frontal in How to Make)

You need five strong paper bags with gussets (these can be found online).  Decorate the bags.

Number the bags 1 to 5.

Attach the bags to the background.

Put challenges for each week into the bags.


Invite someone around for a coffee or tea this week.

Speak to someone in the street.

Invite someone around for a meal.

Don’t watch TV one evening, instead phone some friends.
Find some clothes you never wear and take them to a charity shop.
Bake a cake or some biscuits and give them to your neighbour.

Make an extra effort to speak to the people who serve you in the shops.

Go for a walk down your street and pray for everyone who lives there.

When eating a meal do so slowly and thank God for the people who grew and produced the food.

Commit to buying a packet of Fairtrade food this week.

Look on the packets of food you buy, see where the food was grown, name the countries and thank God for the farmers before the meal is eaten.

Look to see where your food was grown and pray for the farmers.

Commit to praying every day for a week.

Fill a bowl with water, place your hands in it, feel the water, splash the water, praise God for clean water.  Be aware of the water you use.

Buy a Christmas present for someone not on your usual list.

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