Pentecost Evening Prayer

Come, Holy Spirit!

Here is an outline for a very gentle prayer time lasting about 30 minutes. Create a quiet space with chairs placed in a circle if possible. Place candles in suitable places. Play gentle instrumental music as people gather. Tracks from Keith Duke’s ‘Sacred Weave’, ‘Sacred Pathway’ or ‘Sacred Dance’ would be suitable or other Celtic music. The songs listed can of course be found in other hymn books than those in brackets or you may wish to choose your own.

You might decorate the prayer space with dove-shaped bunting banners, balloons and word banners with ‘Come, Holy Spirit’ in different languages. You will also need a large lit candle, and a sign saying ‘Come, Holy Spirit’, and set in front of it a basket of votive candles, a tray covered with tin foil and a taper, some small paper boats (Google How to Make a Paper Boat – Origami Simple Instructions), a large bowl of water, tubs of blowing bubbles, and a selection of whistles.


Tonight we celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. When the disciples were gathered together and God’s Holy Spirit filled them they discovered they were able to do new and amazing things.  How wonderful and how frightening that must have been! We too, can welcome God’s Holy Spirit within us and discover courage and power to do new things.

Song: Holy Spirit, come among us (See Hymns)

Canticle: A Song of Ezekiel

Song: I, the Lord of sea and sky (A&M Hymns and Songs for Refreshing Worship)

Reading: Acts 2.1-12

Time for Reflection

Where or when does the Holy Spirit comes into our lives?  Do we respond to the nudging we get from God, or are we saying, ‘No, not me’? We are given so many gifts which are there waiting to be used.  But often, though we have it within us to use these gifts, we choose not to. 

Are we like a whistle which, without someone blowing into it, makes no noise?  Or are we like a paper boat which cannot float free unless it is put onto the water? Are we like the soapy mixture in a bubble tub which is just that unless we blow into it to create beautiful floating bubbles? Or are we like a candle which has no meaning until it is lit?


Lord of wind and flame,
fill us with the breath of your Holy Spirit
and the fire of your love:
We pray to you.
Lord, have mercy.

Lord of compassion,
lead us in the way of all truth,
justice and peace:
We pray to you.
Lord, have mercy.

Lord of heaven and earth,
soften the hearts of your people
that we may live together in harmony:
We pray to you.
Lord, have mercy.

Lord of all eternity,
inspire us and bless us
this day and always: 
We pray to you.
Lord, have mercy

The Lord’s Prayer

If there are people present who speak other languages invite them to say the Lord’s Prayer in their own language – everyone speaks together!

Song: Like the murmur of a dove’s song (A&M Hymns and Songs for Refreshing Worship)

Poem: Jeu d’esprit (Ann Lewin from ‘Watching for the Kingfisher’ – Canterbury Press)

Action – Come, Holy Spirit!

We can now do all or some of the following things: light a candle and place it on the tray to show that we want the Holy Spirit to set us alight, float a paper boat on the water to show we want to free our self  from the things that hold us back, blow a whistle to show that we want to make a noise for God and shout about the Good News to everyone we meet, or open a tub of soapy mixture and create beautiful floating bubbles! Have fun…

Song: If you believe and I believe (Hymns of Glory, Songs of Praise) 

The Grace

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