The Two Builders

The Wise Man and the Foolish Man

Theme Family Worship around the Story of the Two Builders read from The Lion Bible for Children.  (Matthew 7.24-27)

You will need five boxes covered with brown paper and five box ‘shapes’ made just with paper.  From the outside they should look just the same.   

Think of five words or phrases to print and illustrate and stick onto the solid boxes – Jesus, Bible, Worship, Forgiveness, Prayer – and five words or phrases to print and illustrate and stick on the paper boxes – Celebrity and Fame, Holding a Grudge, Greed, Pride, Possessions.

You will also need two boxes decorated as houses. Fill one ‘house’ box with something heavy.   

Two people leading the service can wear yellow builders’ hats and high visibility jackets.

Read the story.

Invite children forward to help. You are going to build the boxes into two piles – one pile is ‘sand’ and one pile is ‘rock’. Hold each box shape up and ask them to decide by looking at the words and picture whether it should be part of the ‘rock’ pile or part of the ‘sand’ pile – which things help us grow in faith, and which things do not?

When both piles have been built, each with five boxes, place the lightweight ‘house’ box on the ‘rock’ pile, and the heavyweight ‘house’ box on the ‘sand’ pile. The house on the ‘rock’ pile will stand firm.  The house on the ‘sand’ pile will collapse dramatically!

Talk about why the house on the ‘rock’ stands firm, and the house on the ‘sand’ falls down.

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