Prayers for all God's People (4)

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O, Adoramus te O Christe
(O, we adore you, Lord Jesus Christ) Songs from Taizé

God of faith...
You put your faith and trust in us that we will reveal your glory, walking as children made in your image, and reflecting your love in the world.  You place your faith in us as we place our faith in you.  We pray that as revealers, reflectors and carriers of your message we will succeed in our endeavour to share your Good News and so be worthy to be called children of faith.

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God of hope...
We hold out for your blessing all those who carry your light into the very darkest places of the world.  Today we remember the people of Ns of countries. We pray for those who take risks to reveal your glory, and preach Jesus Christ as Lord. May they, and we, be worthy to be called servants of Christ, and may we live in the hope of building your kingdom now, here on earth.

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God of love...
God said to the disciples, ‘This is my dear Son, listen to him’.
We pray that we will listen to the simple message Jesus brings to us. His message that we should love God and love one another is so simple and yet so hard to do.  We pray that we will hear those words anew and act upon them and in so doing help to transform our world. We pray this will happen here in Name of Church, when we go to the shops, when we go to work, (and especially now when we break bread together here this morning) and in our everyday lives wherever we are. We pray that we may reflect your love and through that love transform the lives of others.

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God of faith, God of hope and God of love...
You created us in your image. You put all your faith in us, all your hope in us and all your love in us. We pray that we will reflect your faith, hope and love in the world today, and tomorrow, and every day. We praise you God!

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