Prayer Weaving Cards

See Prayer Weaving Cards in How to Make.

Prayer Weaving Cards can be made for individuals or for groups or for a specific situation.

You will need sheets of A4 white card. Use a ruler to draw parallel pencil lines lengthwise on one sheet stopping just short of the top and bottom, or use the given template in How to Make.

You can now write words such as ‘Come Holy Spirit’, ‘Wrap your love around our prayers Lord’, or ‘Entwine our prayers with your love’ on the card either between the vertical lines or across horizontally or at angles. Or you can leave the cards blank without words.

Now use a photocopier to produce as many cards as you need. 

Cut along the lines using a craft knife, being careful not to cut right to the top or the bottom or the cards.  You now have sheets of card with vertical slits in.

Cut strips of coloured paper to write prayers on.  These are then woven in between the vertical slits on each card (see Gallery photos).

As the prayers are woven in and out of the slits on the cards the prayers written on the cards ‘Come Holy Spirit’, ‘Wrap your love around our prayers Lord’ or ‘Entwine our prayers with your love’ can be said.

The same idea could be used on a much larger scale to make a banner (see Gallery photos).

A slightly different way of weaving prayers can be used using ribbon woven through string on a frame (see Gallery photo).



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