Prayer Stones

Here is a simple idea from St David’s Church, Barmouth, North Wales, and included on our website with permission. Barmouth is a seaside town. In the church is a pile of stones from the beach on which visitors are invited to write prayer requests.  Each week members of the church pray over the stones, and during Easter week the stones are returned to the beach (see Gallery photos).

Obviously not all churches are by the sea, but this is an easy idea to replicate in any church.  Small stones can be bought from garden centres and supermarkets, usually where the flower vases and candles are sold. The stones can then be used in church for people to write prayer requests on.  If a washable pen is used to write on the stones every so often the stones can be washed clean and re-used.

In Barmouth the stones are laid out in a cross shape, but they could be in a pile to create a cairn, or placed in a circle.  Make whatever shape works in the space that is available.

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