Bless this water, bless this child

Tune: All Things Bright and Beautiful 76 76 and Refrain

Bless this water, bless this child,
upon this joyful day:
bless us as we gather here
and lead us on our way.

1. We hear your voice from heaven
speak blessings from above,
such words of affirmation,
encouragement and love.

2. Your faith in us is stronger
than we can ever know.
You see our true potential
and guide us as we grow.

3. You give us light in darkness
and hope when we despair.
You strengthen us in weakness
and hold us in your care.

4. We pray for peace and purpose,
for happiness and fun,
for health of mind and body,
till life’s adventure’s done.

Text © Ally Barrett 2014 (used with permission)

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