Mothering Sunday Prayer Hands

Before the service on Mothering Sunday hang up thin ribbon or string around the church.

Cut out some colourful paper hands (to make the shape draw around your own hand).

Fold the ‘wrists’ over so they are ready to hook onto the string.

Give everyone a pencil and a hand when they arrive at the service.

Invite everyone to write a prayer on their paper hand. Ask them to write it so the fingers are hanging down or else when the hand is hung up the writing will be upside down!

Suggest prayers that involve mothers:

Our mothers, our mothers-in-law, mothers who are ill, mothers who care for sick mothers, mothers who care for sick children, mothers who have had a child die, mothers who have had a mother die, those who are refugees, those who lack food and water, those who live in war zones, those who fear domestic violence.

Once everyone has written a prayer on their hand the hands are hung up. Secure the hands in place by folding the wrists over the string and stapling (be careful not to catch the string or ribbon with the staple so you can move them along the string to spread them out).

See Gallery photo.

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