I come before my Lord

Tune: Southwell SM or Sandys SM

1. I come before my Lord.
I kneel and bow my head.
With heavy heart and downcast soul
I come before my Lord.

2. I offer up my prayer
That God will hear my voice.
For all the times I've failed my Lord
I offer up my prayer.

3. ‘Forgive me, Lord, I pray
And cleanse me from my sin,
And melt again my heart of stone.
Forgive me, Lord, I pray’.

4. In silence I receive
God’s love so freely given.
Compassion washes over me.
In silence I receive.

5. My praise I offer now
To God who leads me on.
With life renewed, and spirit-blessed,
My praise I offer now.

Text © Jan Brind 2014


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