Creative Ideas for Mothering Sunday

Altar Frontals and Banners

Make a paper altar frontal with words such as ‘Thank God for our Mums’ (see Gallery photo and How to Make).

Ask the children to draw pictures of their mothers and use them to decorate an altar frontal or banners.

Ask the children to write what is best about their mothers and put the comments on an altar frontal, or hang banners or paper bunting around the church with their comments on (see How to Make).


Ask the older children to write the intercessions and read them during the service.

See the Mothering Sunday Quiz in Creative Ideas.

Celebrating Mothers

Ask all the mothers in church to come to the front. This will produce people of many ages.  Find out who the oldest mother is, and who the youngest mother is, who has most children, and who has most grandchildren.  Who has fostered or adopted children.  Bless the mothers.

Invite everyone in church who has, or has had, a mother to stand up (obviously everyone will).  Invite everyone to say a prayer to thank God for their mothers.

Boxes of Love

Buy enough tiny cardboard heart-shaped boxes from for each child in church to have one.  Ask the children to decorate them for their mothers.  If they are old enough ask them to write a message for their mothers saying, ‘Thank you for being my Mum’.  Give each child a small chocolate heart to put in the box.  At the end of the service invite all the children up to the front of the church and bless the boxes.  The children then give their boxes to their mothers.

Gift Bags

Fill a small paper carrier bag for each woman in church. The bag might contain:

A candle to light your path
Chocolate to break and share
A posy of flowers to see the wonder of God’s creation
A prayer for a quiet moment.

Attach a label to each bag with a description of what is inside.

Simnel Cake

Make a Simnel Cake for everyone to share after the service.  This could be made by the children the week before.  Because it is a fruit cake it will still be fresh.


Make heart-shaped biscuits. Put them in small cellophane bags with labels attached which say ‘With love from the family of the church’.  Ask everyone to take one home to give to a neighbour.

Make heart-shaped biscuits before the service. Alternatively ask the children to make them in Sunday School during the service. Put each one in a cellophane bag with a label attached which says ‘I love you Mum’. Give one to each child to give to their mother.

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