Holy Week Evening Prayer

Here is an outline for a very gentle prayer time lasting about 30 minutes. Create a quiet space with chairs placed in a semi-circle around a cross. Dim the lights, but make sure people can read. Place a basket of small crosses and nails in front of the cross at a height that people can reach comfortably. Play gentle instrumental music as people gather or suitable classical music, or suitable tracks from one of the Taizé Instrumental CDs. The songs listed can of course be found in other hymn books than those in brackets or you may wish to choose your own.


Song: It is a thing most wonderful (A&M Hymns and Songs for Refreshing Worship)

Canticle:  A Song of God’s Love

Song:  God is forgiveness (Songs from Taizé)

Reading: Luke 9.22-25

Recorded Lenten Litany: Kyrie (Marty Haugen from CD Gift of God)

Time for Reflection

Prayers of Intercession

Prayer Response:  O Christe Domine Jesu (Songs from Taizé)

The Lord’s Prayer

Song: From heaven you came (The Servant King) (Songs of Fellowship 1)

During the Time for Reflection people are invited to pick up a cross or a nail to carry with them during the rest of Holy Week as part of their journey with Jesus towards Good Friday and the Cross.

Small crosses can be obtained from www.wooden-crosses.co.uk

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