Christmas Flowers

One of the most exciting times of the year in the church calendar is when the church is decorated for Christmas.  The long Advent season is over and at last one can really let rip and decorate the church to welcome the arrival of a baby, Jesus our Lord!

To have a real impact decide on one or two colours and use them throughout the church.  Traditionally many churches will use red and green, but silver and white or silver and gold can look magnificent.  Or blue and silver go together well.  Whatever colours are chosen try to tell everyone who will be involved in doing the decorations so they all come with the same colour and the theme will be seen throughout the church.

Silk Flowers

Remember that silk flowers can be very effective in arrangements, especially when mixed with real flowers and leaves.  As flowers are so expensive in the winter it is a great way to make them go further and many artificial flowers are so realistic that many people to not realise that they are not real ones.

Christmas Tree Baubles

Adding Christmas tree decorations to arrangements can also be an excellent way to add colour and richness.  Pull the hanging loop on the bauble off and using a hot glue gun stick a small wooden skewer or kebab stick in the hole so the bauble can be added to the arrangement like a flower (see Gallery photo).

Butterflies and Dragonflies

There are some wonderful butterflies and dragonflies available in the shops which add something special to an arrangement (see Gallery photo).

Fir Cones

Fir cones can also be stuck onto sticks with a hot glue gun and added to an arrangement.  Either used them natural or dip them in white paint so they add some white to an arrangement.

Battery-operated Lights

It is possible to buy small strings of battery-operated lights to add to flower arrangements. The great advantage of having a battery is that there are no trails of wires to hide.  These can look particularly effective on a window sill with candles (see Gallery photo).

Silver, Gold or White Twigs

Putting coloured twigs at the end of pews, or around pillars can be a very effective way to make a major impact on Christmas decorations in the church (see Gallery photo).

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