Baptism Banner and Altar Frontal


These are really easy things to make and can have an enormous impact on the baptism family.

Make a word bunting banner or a paper altar frontal that says ‘we welcome you’ (see Gallery photo of altar frontal. See How to Make for How to make a paper altar frontal and How to make word bunting banners).

Below the ‘we welcome you’ hang the child or adult’s name or names (see Gallery photo). This makes the family feel very special and very welcome. You could, alternatively, hang ‘we welcome N ’.

If possible hang the word bunting up in a prominent place in the church so the family will see it when they walk into the church.

If you have a projector and screen in church you can instead put the welcome on this with the child or children's names (see Gallery photo).

If making an altar frontal with ‘we welcome you’ on it, place the words on the frontal on the lower two thirds of the frontal so the child or adult’s name can be hung across the front on the top of the frontal (see Gallery photo).

If a child is being baptised and there is a children’s group that gathers in the church week by week, then take a photo of the ‘we welcome you’ with the child’s name and print if off as card.  Ask the children in the church to sign the card and give it to the child when the Bag for Life is given.


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