Baptism Bags for Life

One way to welcome a child into being a member of their new church family is to give them A Bag for Life filled with symbolic items. The bag can be made of paper or fabric.  Opitec, a supplier of craft materials, sells fabric bags (£1.29 each) – see link below. Paper carrier bags which are cheaper than fabric, but don’t last as long, can be used.  If buying paper ones on the internet put ‘small paper carrier bags’ into the search box. There are many websites that sell them and it is worth looking around for the best price. 

Environmentally Friendly Bag ‘plain’ 25 x 30 cm (catalogue reference 468.134)

If you use a paper bag make a label that has A Bag for Life and the name of the church on it, this can be stuck onto the bag (see Gallery photos)

If using a fabric bag use a computer to print A Bag for Life and the name of the church onto Inkjet T-shirt transfer paper (remember to reverse the printing on the computer). Carefully trim the paper and iron onto the bag. The name of the person being baptised can also be printed (see Gallery photos).

Choose items to go into the bag to suit the person receiving the bag. Any of the following are good:

A candle - to light your path (this will be the candle given at baptism)
Chocolate - to break and share
A Bible/children’s Bible story – to bring you the Good News
Bubbles – to have fun with
A Cross – to remind you of God’s love for you
Heart-shaped stickers – to spread God’s love
Water – because Jesus is the ‘wellspring of life’ or to refresh you on your journey
Honey – to sustain you on your journey or because life is sweet
A white cloth – to wrap you with love
A welcome card signed by children or other members of the congregation
A card giving information about church activities

Make a label to go on the bag, naming the items in the bag and what they symbolically represent.

When giving the bag to the child or adult who has just been baptised ask different people in the congregation to give them each item, saying what the item is as they place it in the bag.


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