Wedding Flowers

It is traditional to decorate a church with flowers for a wedding, though how this is done is entirely up to the church and the family. Before deciding on where to put the arrangements stand in the empty church and observe which spaces are most visible.  Remember the church will be full of people so some areas may not be as visible when the church is full of people. People often put flowers up by the altar but there may be other spaces that could be used.  Putting decorations on the ends of the pews can be very effective as this highlights the path the bride will walk up and the bride and groom walk back down after they are married.  It is also very visible.  Pillars can be wonderful spaces to put flowers on as well as doorways and arches. Some fonts are placed very close to the main door, and can be an excellent place to put flowers, but be sure that the vicar is asked if she/he is happy about this. Some feel very strongly that the font should not be covered by flowers.  If this is the case there are often steps around a font that are suitable to put flowers on.

If two vases of flowers are going to go up at the front of the church they could be arranged so they are the same shape curving in towards/away from each other (see Gallery photo).

Pew ends can be decorated using OasisĀ®. It is possible to buy plastic cages to hold the OasisĀ® and then the flowers can very easily be arranged.

Obviously it is always best to arrange flowers where they are going to finally be placed but, if there are going to be lots of pew ends to arrange, start off my doing them on a table and then hang them up and fill the gaps once they are hanging in place.  Kneeling on the floor doing each one can be quite hard on the knees!  Usually people will look down onto pew ends so remember when you are arranging them that they will be seen from the top.

If flowers are too expensive do remember that florist ribbon is very inexpensive and comes in the most wonderful colour range and can be made into big bows to put on the end of each pew, or hung down the pillars (see Gallery photo).

If something more informal is wanted, the day before the wedding hand-tie bunches of flowers and place in buckets of water.  The day of the wedding tie with raffia or ribbon and just hang up on pillars or pew ends.  This can give a wonderful informal feel to the wedding (see Gallery photo). When the wedding is over simply unhook the flowers and take them to the reception. The pictures in the Gallery show bunches of flowers from the ends of the pews hung on fence posts.

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