How to Make the Day Even More Special

Here are some ideas to add something extra to the day.  Some of these ideas might be placed in the Useful Folder for prospective couples to see, along with your own ideas.  

Make an altar frontal, banners and a stole – make these personal to the couple and choose colours that will go with their chosen flowers. (See How to Make)

Ask the couple for a photo and place this on the church notice board with their names and the date of the wedding.

If guests have a long way to travel, and might arrive a little early, make sure they are welcomed.  A cup of tea and the availability of a cloakroom might be much needed.

Consider offering a catering service.  Members of the congregation may enjoy preparing and serving food for the reception.  They might wear matching aprons to give a co-ordinated look. (See How to Make)

Ask guests to bring a ‘memory’ to the wedding – this might be a photo or a written-out story.  These can be gathered on the day and put in an album afterwards for the couple to keep.

Make up a display board of photos of the couple going back over the years up to the present.  Have it on view in the church and then take it to the reception.

It is always good to have a record of guests who come to the wedding.  A book by the church door is one way of doing this – choose an attractive book and provide a good pen.  Or place cards on the pews or chairs that people can fill in.

Provide special bags for the children present – spray paint the names of the couple getting married and the date.  Put small ‘quiet’ toys and books inside – tiny Bible story books are a good idea.

Give party poppers to everyone as they arrive in the church. When the couple are pronounced ‘man and wife’ the poppers can be let off in celebration.

Welcome the couple back to church after the honeymoon with a Bag for Life filled with symbolic items – a candle, a Bible, party poppers, water, bulbs, chocolate. (See label in How to Make)

Give everyone in the church a candle – these can be lit from the Paschal candle during the service.  This symbolises a shared journey with the couple getting married.

Give cards and pens to everyone so that they can write their own wishes and prayers for the couple – these can be brought to the altar during the service.

Give everyone a card to take home with the couple’s names and the date and place of the wedding on one side, and a blessing on the other. Decorate with doves or bells or use a photo of the church.

Make heart-shaped biscuits or chocolate fudge wrapped in cellophane and ribbon, to give everyone at the end of the service – the children present might hand them around in a basket.

Provide cake for the congregation, choir, organist, flower arrangers and cleaners etc, and arrange for it to be given out at the first service after the wedding to say thank you – or do this on return from honeymoon.

Give a special card to the couple to welcome them back from honeymoon – this might have the time, date and church name and photo of the church on one side, and information about services and church activities on the other side. 

Welcome the couple back to church from their honeymoon with coffee and cake.

Send anniversary cards to the couple from the church congregation.

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