Advent is coming

by Jack Osbourn

You know how it is when a baby is coming
Such a humming of whispered expectation
Among the girls.
Elation of butch boys boasting
And wine for toasting
Heads of golden curls.
So many containers to buy,
Moses basket, cradle, carrycot,
Folding pram, play‑pen
High chair for later
Everyone so excited then
For a little one
That is to come.
Nothing greater.

Only four Sundays in Advent
To make preparation in your life
For the Christ‑Child
Born in strife
In His only cot,
A manger.
And is there not a danger
That there will be no room
For the one terrific birth
You will ever know?

You might think people would
Be stronger
Than for any lowly man‑child
But you could hardly be wronger.

© Sally Fraser & Tessa Wilkinson


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