Remembering the Forgotten Liturgy

Here is an outline for a very gentle prayer time lasting about 40 minutes.

Create a quiet space with chairs placed in a semi-circle if possible.  Place a large cross at the front. Place a large lighted candle in front of the cross and four smaller unlit candles – two on each side. Beside these four candles place laminated named pictures on stands illustrating, in this order, hunger, flood, earthquake and violence. Dim the lights, but make sure people can read.

Choose four world situations which have been in the news in recent years but which are now ‘forgotten’ – one each of hunger, flood, earthquake and violence. Look up facts about these situations (when it happened, how many people were affected then, and how they are still affected, and the aid agencies that are still helping them). Christian Aid is a good source.

Play gentle music as people gather such as suitable classical music, or suitable tracks from one of the Taizé Instrumental CDs.  The songs listed can of course be found in other hymn books than those in brackets or you may wish to choose your own.


After welcoming the people mention any recent humanitarian crises in the world that are currently being reported in the news... (at the time of writing these include the war in Syria and the typhoon in the Philippines). 

But what about those emergencies that happened a while ago - those events that filled our television screens and newspapers for a short time? What has happened to those victims of hunger, flood, earthquake and violence now that the world’s gaze is no longer on them? In many cases their suffering goes on even though the world no longer watches. 

This evening, in this season of Remembrance, we are going to name, remember and pray for some of the forgotten humanitarian crises in the world which, for a while at least while they were happening, and not very long ago, gripped out attention, and where Aid Agencies are still heavily involved.

Song: Lord, make us servants of your peace (A&M Hymns and Songs for Refreshing Worship)

Reading: Micah 6.6-8

Song: Act Justly (Bernadette Farrell from new collection Love Goes On)

Remembering the Forgotten

Read facts about the first humanitarian crisis (concerning hunger). At the end...

May the Light of Christ shine on N.
A candle is lit beside the appropriate picture.
We remember them.

We remember them. 

Repeat with the second, third and fourth humanitarian crises.

Recorded Music: In our tears (from Secret Garden’s CD Dreamcatcher)

Time for Quiet Reflection

Sung Prayers of Intercession

Father God, we raise our prayer
for your people in their fear.
Calm their hearts and make them strong:
soothe the sorrow of their song

Like a shepherd you will seek
for the lost, the low, the meek.
Guide their steps and lead them on:
bear the sorrow of their song

Gentle Jesus, draw them near.
Speak the words that quell their fear.
Bring the peace for which they long:
heal the sorrow of their song

Shining Spirit warm and bright
turn their darkness into light.
By your power they’ll be reborn
in the music of your song.
Words © Jan Brind Tune Savannah

The Lord’s Prayer 

Song: Christ as a light, illumine and guide us (Celtic Hymn BooK)

Recorded Music: Healing Light – A Celtic Prayer (from CD The Peacemakers – Karl Jenkins)

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