Harvest of Water

The theme for this service is the harvest of water.  We use water every day and could not survive without it, and yet we often turn on a tap without being aware of what a precious gift it is.

Decorate the church with water drops. Write facts about water on them.  Facts about water can be found online on websites such as www.thewaterproject.org  or www.wateraid.org (see Gallery photos). Here are some facts.  

We need:

13 litres of water for a tomato
25 litres of water for a potato
35 litres of water for a cup of tea
70 litres of water for an apple
75 litres of water for a glass of beer
120 litres of water for a glass of wine
140 litres of water for a cup of coffee
170 litres of water of a glass of orange juice
184 litres of water for a bag of potato crisps
200 litres of water for a glass of milk
2,400 litres of water for a hamburger
16,000 litres of water to produce one kilogram of beef

Hang the water drops down the walls or pillars.  If they are laminated they will look ‘wet’.  Use clear fishing line to hang them up.

Make a paper altar frontal or banners with a wonderful splashy wet looking background.  This is a fun thing to do with young children who love playing with paint.  Run blobs of quite liquid paint down the page and if everyone and everything is well covered splash or flick some paint onto the background.  Use paints that are water coloured like greens and blue.  Once the background has dried stick words onto the altar frontal or banners praising God, or thanking God, for water (see Gallery photos).

If there are to be flowers in the church arrange blue and white flowers with greenery to keep the blue and green water colour theme going (see Gallery photo).

A few weeks before the service challenge members of the congregation to try to live on 10 litres of water a day. This is the amount of water many people in the world have to live on each day. Ask them to come back to church on Harvest Sunday and tell the congregation how they got on.

Make laminated signs to remind people to turn off the taps when cleaning their teeth. They can put them up in their bathrooms.

Put 10 litres of water in a bucket and ask the members of the congregation, adults or children, to carry it around the church.  Many thousands of people in the world have to carry their water and it is very heavy. 

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