Harvest Play Using Wooden Spoons

Ask children to perform a wood spoon play about water. To act out the play you will need to make wooden spoon puppets for all the characters in the play (see Gallery).  These are very easy to make and very effective. You also need two map signs to hold up showing the different locations.  You also need pictures of two houses to hold up – one small and one large. If there are enough children they can each be responsible for holding one spoon, map and house. Otherwise each child can be responsible for several things. A sheet is held up in front of the children so that they are hidden. They hold the spoon puppets, maps and houses above the sheet and act out the story with them.

The scene starts with Amina and Sarah meeting 

Amina            Hello, what is your name?

Sarah            My name is Sarah. What is your name?

Amina            My name is Amina.

Sarah            Where do you live?

Amina            I live in a village in Malawi in Africa. Where do you live?

A sign is held up showing where the village in Malawi is.

Sarah            I live in a city called N in England.

A sign is held up showing where the city in England is.

Amina            How old are you? I am 11 years old.

Sarah            How funny! I am 11 years old too. What is it like in your family?

Amina            I live with my three younger sisters... and my new baby brother... and my Mum... and Dad... and Grandmother.

We live in a small house.  And you?

As each person is mentioned a puppet is held up along with a picture of a small house.

Sarah            I live in a big house... with my sister... and my Mum... and Dad.

As each person is mentioned a puppet is held up along with a picture of a big house.

Amina            How far do you have to walk to get your water every day? I have to walk five miles every day to get our water.

Sarah            What do you mean? I just turn on a tap.

Amina            Oh, you are lucky. We don't have any running water in our village. The nearest water is five miles away so I have to get up very early every morning. We walk there with my sisters and friends and get the water we need for the day... before I can go to school.

Amina’s family walks together away from Sarah.

Sarah            How do you carry all the water you need? That would be very heavy? And I don’t think I could walk five miles and carry water. That would mean every day I would have to walk to N and back before I went to school. I don’t know how you do it!

Amina’s family all have buckets stuck on their heads and walk back.

Amina            We carry it on our heads. It is very heavy, but we all need water to live.


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