Father Forgive Nails and Cross Altar Frontal

Altar Frontal using Father Forgive 'Nails'

Make ‘nails’ out of paper. Put words on them that reflect the failing of the
disciples and others during the Passion story such as ‘betrayed with a kiss’, ‘watch
and pray’, ‘before the cock crows twice’, ‘I do not know the man’, and ‘crucify
him’. Then arrange the paper ‘nails’ into the words ‘Father
Forgive’. If a computer is available the WordArt Gallery offers designs for
letters to go both horizontally and vertically. Then the words can be written
along or down the ‘nails’.

Father Forgive 'Nail' Cross 

Or do the reverse to the above. Make very large paper nails with ‘Father
forgive’ written on them, and then make the nails into a cross.

See Gallery photos and How to Make.


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