Pentecost Balloons

Red, yellow and orange biodegradable helium-filled gas balloons (filled with the breath of God) can be anchored around the church so that they float above people’s heads. They might be released during the service as part of the liturgy.

Put cards (with holes punched in) and pens in the pews – on the front of the cards ask everyone to write a short prayer telling of the love of God and the gift of the Holy Spirit. On the back of the cards print a ‘Good News’ message and the website address of A Church Near You ( At the end of the service give everyone a biodegradable helium gas-filled balloon and ask them to tie their prayer cards to the balloons. Go outside and release the balloons – they will fly away with their Pentecost messages and maybe someone will be encouraged to look for a church near where they live.

Have a mass of balloons hung in a net under the ceiling.  At a given moment in the service release the balloons so they fall on everyone’s heads and can be moved around by the congregation hitting them back and forth to each other... keeping the Holy Spirit moving over everyone.

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