Pentecost Banners, Kites and Altar Frontals

(See How to Make and Gallery photos)

Make a simple altar frontal using the gifts of the Spirit words from Isaiah 11.2-3. Look on the Wordle website ( and use this to play with word design and get an idea of how they might be used.

Make simple red, yellow and orange banners to look like flames.

Make kite shapes with tails and fix them so they look as though they are flying.

Ask children to paint an altar frontal background with bright swishes and blobs and then stick Come Holy Spirit words on top.

Make bunting banners to hang around the church with the words Come Holy Spirit in different languages (Veni Sancte Spiritus - Latin, Viens Saint Esprit - French, Komm Heiliger Geist - German, Ven Espiritu Santo - Portuguese, Vieni Spirito Santo – Italian, and Come Holy Spirit).  People in the church congregation might have others to add.

Hang red, yellow and orange coloured strips of crepe paper along wires strung across the church at just above head height so when people walk through them they are brushed on the head by the ‘tongues of fire’.

Decorate sail-shaped sheets of cloth with words Come Holy Spirit and hang them from pillars.

Hang narrow banners in red, yellow and orange, each one proclaiming a fruit of the Spirit – love, joy, peace, faithfulness, patience, goodness, kindness, gentleness, self-control.


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