Telling the Easter Story with Plastic Eggs

Here is an activity for children during the Easter Day service. Buy a pack of plastic Easter eggs that open. Write the Holy Week and Easter Story up to and including the point of putting Jesus’ body in the tomb.  Split the story up into small parts and put one part in each of the plastic eggs. Muddle the eggs up. Invite children to come forward and give each one an egg.  Ask each child in turn to open their egg and read the part of the story they have been given.  The story will be read in the wrong order. Ask the children and the congregation to gradually put the story in the right order.  Finally read the story in the right order.  When the final part of the story is finished take an egg out of your pocket and say you are going to read the last part of the story about what happened after Jesus’ was put in the tomb.  Open the egg...  it is empty!

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