Harvest of Gardens and Allotments

Ask people in the church congregation to bring anything that represents the harvest that they have grown themselves. This produce can be placed in front of the altar.

If there is a creative group in the church ask them to make a banner or paper altar frontal (see How to Make) that reflects what has been grown.  Think of words to put on the banner or altar frontal that reflect our gratitude to God for the harvest:

Thank God for our food!

Praise God for creation!

It is fed and watered by God’s almighty hand.

Thank the Lord!

All is safely gathered in.

Make paper banner or an altar frontal

You will need:

Background paper - measure the space where the banner or altar frontal will go before cutting out. This is best made from heavy duty wall lining paper available from all DIY shops (see How to Make).

A set of sponge fruit and vegetable shapes (see Gallery photo).


Poster paints.

Trays to put the paint on (food trays from the supermarket are ideal).

Make the background for the banner or altar frontal. This is a great activity to do with younger children but adults, too, will love to take part.

Once the sponge design has been put onto the background and has dried stick or paint words over the top (see above) (see Gallery photos).



Make cakes using the produce from the gardens

Many people know of carrot cake, but cakes can be made from other fruit and vegetables:

Beetroot Cake

Courgette and Lemon Cake

Tomato Cake

Carrot Cake

Apple-Cinnamon Upside-Down Cake

Pear Cake:

After the service serve refreshments and cakes and have a bit of fun. See if people can recognise what fruit or vegetable is in each different cake.

Please Note - not all the recipes have been tried and tested by us.

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