Harvest of Locally Grown Food and Crops

Ask local farmers and people in the church congregation to bring produce of the harvest from their fields.  Make a wonderful display of the produce, possibly in front of the altar.  If it is an area where animals are farmed ask the farmers to provide something to illustrate what sort of animals they have on their farms.

If there is a creative group in the church ask them to make a paper altar frontal (see How to Make) that reflects what is grown or produced in the area. This might include pictures of dairy or beef cattle, sheep, pigs, chickens, sheaves of wheat, maize, oilseed rape, bottles of milk, cheese or eggs.  Think of words to put on the altar frontal that reflect our gratitude to God for the harvest:

Thank God for our food!

Praise God for creation!

It is fed and watered by God’s almighty hand.

Thank the Lord!

All is safely gathered in.

Gather branches of berries from the hedgerows and make a colourful arrangement of the hedgerow harvest. Include some small fruits and, if the local farmer will allow some to be picked, add some wheat or barley.  Hop flowers and Old Man’s Beard work beautifully as do Hips and Haws and Spindle with its wonderful pink and orange berries, the skeleton seed heads left by Cow Parsley and any seed heads such as Poppies and Love in the Mist from the garden.  Arrange them so they tumble out of the vase reflecting how they grow in the hedgerows.

Put small fruits and vegetables in an arrangement using long wooden skewers. The ones used for kebabs are ideal.  Select fruits and vegetables that are not too heavy such as small tomatoes, peppers, apples, carrots and satsumas.  Once the arrangement is complete add the fruits and vegetables amongst the leaves and flowers (see Gallery photos).  

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