Harvest of Commerce and Industry

Many parishes, especially those in urban areas, will support commerce and industry.

Focus on the harvest from these local commercial and industrial companies

Write letters to the directors of local companies explaining that the Harvest Festival in the parish church will be celebrating commerce and industry.  Offer each company a place in the church to create a display about what they do. Invite members of the company to come to the service. 

Find out if there are any members of the congregation who work in these companies and ask them to see if they can get some written material or actual objects about what is done or made in their company, or ask them to speak about what their role is within the company.

Make a banner with the names and logos of all the companies on it.

Make an altar frontal saying ‘Thank God for our local companies’

Make paper bunting banners to hang around the church with the names of the companies on them (see How to Make)

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