Harvest of Local Businesses and Shops

Many parishes have small businesses and shops. Focus on these for the harvest service.

Write a letter to all the businesses and shops in the area explaining that the church will be celebrating them at the Harvest Festival service. Invite each shop or business to donate something that represents their business which could be displayed in church (see invitation in How to Make).

Invite everyone from the businesses and shops to come to the Harvest Festival service which will give praise to God for the harvest of work and service offered by these people to the community.

Offer refreshments at the end of the service so everyone has an opportunity to meet.

Make leaf-shaped biscuits to offer with the refreshments to keep the harvest theme going.

If some of the businesses and shops are run by people of other faiths invite them to the service but, if they are not comfortable with coming, ask them to come to the refreshments afterwards.  Make sure you have suitable refreshments available.

Make paper banners with all the names of the businesses and shops on them. Put the names around ‘WE THANK GOD FOR……’

Ask each business or shop to donate a gift which can be sold or raffled or auctioned to raise money for a community need, or other suitable cause.

Make posters advertising the Harvest Festival service and ask the businesses and shops to display them in their windows so the whole community knows about the planned service (see Posters).

Make paper bunting banners (see How to Make) and put the names of all the businesses and shops on them.  Hang them around the church.

In the intercessions thank God for the different businesses and shops and name the owners or people who work there, especially those who have come to the service.