Copyright Licences


CCLI  ( offers practical advice and support through the maze of copyright with systems in place to ensure that copyright owners are fairly rewarded for their work.

Most Anglican churches will have a CCLI licence to use hymns, songs and music from a wide range of composers.  Different licence components allow copyright cover to show films, play or perform music, record services, photocopy from authorised publications and download song lyrics from the internet.   Most of the music from the Iona Community is covered by CCLI.

Some Anglican Dioceses are now entering an partnership with CCLI to have a central payment process whereby the Diocese is invoiced for all licences provided by CCLI to its Church of England churches.

CALAMUS ANNUAL REPRINT LICENCE (including  Music from Taizé)

A Calamus licence is administered by Decani Music ( and covers music copyrighted or published by most Catholic composers.  It also covers music from the Taizé Community.  The annual licence is currently (in 2016) £42.00 for up to 100 people.  This increases in steps to a maximum of £144.00 for over 1000 people.  A return is sent in once a year and is very straightforward. 

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