Hymns and Songs

We have suggested some hymns and songs for each seasonal section.

We have in the main deliberately not listed the more familiar traditional hymns. Our choices are from three or four chosen hymn books and, although the hymns and songs are right for the season, they are our choices and may not be yours. 

There are so many hymns and songs available to us now, and more being written all the time.  Do look in these and other hymn books to see what is available.  It’s worth making a note of good hymns and songs that you discover in other places.  In this way you can begin to build up a music list that is right for your congregation and the music resources you have available to you in terms of musicians and singers.

And do look and listen on YouTube – use your imagination to think how a ‘worship’ song which might be led or performed on YouTube by one or two people might sound when being sung by the gathered people in your church. 

Hymn writers to watch out for are Keith and Kristyn Getty who write inspirational and congregation-friendly hymns. Keith Getty also writes in collaboration with Stuart Townend.

Known Unknowns - 100 Contemporary Texts to Common Tunes
John L Bell and Graham Maule
Wild Goose Publications 2018 

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