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There have been several new hymn books published recently in addition to the many other hymn books and resources available.  Although many churches and congregations still use a set hymn book for their services more and more churches are either moving to a weekly sheet where hymns and songs from different resources can be printed together or using a screen.  Buying two or three single copies of different hymn books gives a rich resource.  But be careful that both CCLI and Calamus Licences are up to date (see separate information about licences). 

Below are just a few of the hymn books that have been published recently.

Ancient & Modern – Hymns and Songs for Refreshing Worship

Published in 2013 by Hymns Ancient & Modern this new hymn book revises and updates the original and, as well as keeping many loved and familiar traditional hymns, also includes the contents of Sing Praise and many songs from the world church.  There are 847 hymns, songs and short chants. This is an exciting book embracing much that is new while remaining authentic to those who feel comfortable with A&M. It is organised in the sensible way expected of such a revered book!

Sing Praise – Hymns and Songs for Refreshing Worship

Sing Praise is an excellent ecumenical resource published by Hymns Ancient & Modern Ltd. and the RSCM in 2010. There are 330 hymns and songs set out in a very straightforward way – the Christian Year followed by Baptism, Marriage and Funerals, hymns and songs through a pattern of worship, and a large general section. Songs from Catholic composers, the Iona Community and the Taizé Community are included. Sing Praise has subsequently been incorporated into the new Ancient & Modern hymn book above.

Hymns of Glory, Songs of Praise

This hymn book began life as the 4th Edition of The Church Hymnary, the first edition of which was published for use by Presbyterian churches in 1898. This 4th Edition was republished as Hymns of Glory, Songs of Praise in 2008 by Canterbury Press on behalf of The Church Hymnary Trust in acknowledgement of the needs of an ever-growing international ecumenical worshipping community. Convened by John L. Bell there is a large section at the front dedicated to metrical Psalms. Then follow broad sections devoted to The Living God, Life in Christ and the Holy Spirit.  Finally there are sections for short songs, Doxologies and Amens.  This hymn book is a joy to explore and use and draws material from every tradition. 


Laudate is the main hymn book for Roman Catholic congregations and is published by Decani Music. It has been updated in 2012 in light of the changes in Catholic liturgy.  Some hymns have been omitted but other newer ones have been added.  It’s a wonderful resource for Anglican churches too.  As well as a comprehensive index Laudate includes a music planning guide for the year.


A Bernadette Farrell Songbook (Decani Music)

A Marty Haugen Songbook (Decani Music)

Be Still and Know - compiled by Margaret Rizza (Kevin Mayhew)

Cantate (Decani Music)

Carol Praise (Collins)

Celtic Hymn Book (Kevin Mayhew)        

Come all you people (Wild Goose)

Hymns Old & New – One Church One Faith One Lord (Kevin Mayhew)

Iona Abbey Music Book (Wild Goose)

Known Unknowns (Wild Goose)

Love goes on (NEW Bernadette Farrell - OCP – available from Decani Music)

Resurrexit (Decani Music)

Songs from Taizé (Taizé Community – also available from Decani Music)

Songs of Fellowship 1-5 (Kingsway)

The Children’s Hymn Book (Kevin Mayhew)

There is one among us (Wild Goose)

Veni Emmanuel (Decani Music)

We walk his way (Wild Goose)



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