Mothering Sunday Quiz


1             Something we give or send to our mothers on this special day

2             Mum’s or Dad’s mother

3             The name sometimes given to the natural world

4             A loaf of bread

5             A saintly woman who for many years helped the poor in Calcutta

6             A vital part of a computer

7             Frank Zapper’s Rock Band

8             This lady helped Cinderella get to the ball

9             A nun who sounds like the best mother you could have

10          We use this shell in certain items of jewellery

11          A name sometimes given to our world

12          A shop where mothers buy things for their babies and children

13          Make of a delicious French jam

14          Another name for gin

15          Necessity is ...

16          Cathedral

17          Native language

18          Winners of the 1991 Scottish Cup

19          Mary Sumner House in London is the base for this organisation

20          Bertolt Brecht’s play

21          A lady from a well-known nursery rhyme

22          The name once given to a children’s radio programme

23          A popular traditional children’s pantomime

24          A much loved member of the Royal Family who died in 2002

25          This snake plant sounds talkative

26          How a Catholic might address Mary in prayer


1             Mothering Sunday cards

2             Grandmother

3             Mother Nature

4             Mother’s Pride

5             Mother Theresa

6             Motherboard

7             Mothers of Invention

8             Fairy Godmother

9             Mother Superior

10          Mother-of-Pearl

11          Mother Earth

12          Mothercare

13          Bonne Maman

14          Mother’s Ruin

15          The Mother of Invention

16          Mother Church

17          Mother tongue

18          Motherwell

19          Mothers Union

20          Mother Courage

21          Old Mother Hubbard

22          Listen with Mother

23          Mother Goose

24          The Queen Mother

25          Mother-in-Law’s Tongue

26          Mother of God

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