Mothering Sunday Flowers and Hearts

Give small posies of spring flowers or small potted flowers to every woman in the congregation.

Mothering Sunday can be hard for those who no longer have a mother alive. Place a table somewhere in church with a beautiful cloth on it.  Put a flower vase filled with water and a basket of flowers on the table.  Place a sign by the vase saying ‘In loving memory of our mothers’ (see How to Make). Invite people to come forward to place flowers in the vase in memory of their mothers (see Gallery photos).

Place pencils and heart-shaped post-it notes by the vase so that people can write the names of their mothers if they wish (see Gallery photos).


Prayer Flowers


Draw some stems onto a large sheet of paper. Give everyone a pencil and a paper flower post-it note to write a prayer on or write their mother’s name on. The flowers can be stuck onto the stems (see Gallery photos).

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