Epiphany Evening Prayer

Here is an outline for a very gentle prayer time lasting about 30 minutes.

Create a quiet space with chairs placed in a circle if possible. Place a manger with baby Jesus inside at the centre of the circle. The three wise men can be placed beside the manger. If you do not have the figures of wise men place three gifts representing gold, myrrh and frankincense beside the manger.  Place candles in suitable places. Dim the lights, but make sure people can read. Play gentle instrumental music as people gather such as the last few tracks of Marty Haugen and Marc Anderson’s CD ‘One Bright Star’, Margaret Rizza’s instrumental CD ‘Inpoured Spirit’, suitable classical music, or suitable tracks from one of the Taizé  Instrumental CDs.  The songs listed can of course be found in other hymn books than those in brackets or you may wish to choose your own.


Song: A new song God has given (Beneath a Travelling Star)

Psalm 67

Song: Holy Child within the manger (Laudate)

Reading: Matthew 2.1-12

Song: What shall we give to the child in the manger? (Laudate)

Time for Reflection

Prayers of Intercession

Prayer Response:  We adore you, Lord (Songs from Taizé)

The Lord’s Prayer

Song: In our darkness light has shone (A&M Hymns and Songs for Refreshing Worship)

Give people pencils and folded pieces of wrapping paper at the beginning. During the Time for Reflection the wrapping paper can be unfolded and people can write down the gifts that they would like to bring to Jesus at this time of Epiphany. The pieces of paper can be folded up again and placed in a basket in front of the manger.  

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