Maundy Thursday Night Watch

During Maundy Thursday set aside a quiet corner of the church building to create a ‘Garden of Gethsemane’ where people can stay and watch after the evening service of communion and stripping of the altar. Place chairs in a circle and put rugs and cushions on the floor around a central focus.  Decide in advance how long the ‘watch’ will be and let people know.  This might encourage some to come, even for a short time, who might otherwise not. When the altar has been stripped someone can light the candles and the people silently gather to spend time quietly watching and praying. Burning incense or essential oils is also appropriate. Here are a couple of ideas:


In the centre arrange a green cloth over different sized boxes to give the impression of a rocky garden. Place small pots of primroses and candles on the different levels leaving space for the bread and wine. 



In the centre of the circle place the following items – a bowl of water and a towel,
broken bread and wine, a lamp with a lit candle inside, a bag of spilt coins, a purple cloth, a crown of thorns.


Very simply, in the centre of the circle place eleven candles surrounding a larger one.   

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