Themes for Each Week of Lent

Each of the five Sundays in Lent can have a special focus.

During the five weeks you might, in turn, look at family issues, community issues, local issues, national issues and global issues. Choose five places in the church where you can set up a prayer station.  Place a candle in each place, and words and pictures to describe the station.  Each Sunday introduce the following week’s focus and light the candle.  Invite speakers to come midweek and talk about specific subjects related to that week’s focus – for example Family Support Programmes, Recycling and becoming Eco-friendly, Living with Dementia, Hostels for the Homeless, Street Angels, Community Mental Health Centres, Becoming a Prison Visitor, Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Programmes, Inclusive or Exclusive?, Discrimination at Work, Racial Justice, or Fair Trade. On the following Sunday ask several of the people who attended the talk to give ‘bullet point’ comments about what they heard to the congregation before the next candle is lit for the next theme.


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