Thank you, God, for all creation

Tunes:  Blaenwern, Abbot’s Leigh or Beach Spring 87 87 D

1. Thank you, God, for all creation,
sun and moon and stars above;
fertile earth and mighty ocean,
rushing wind and gentle dove;
burning flame and cooling water,
breath of God that gives us life;
rainbow colours painting nature,
filling senses with delight.

2. As your people, we are stewards
of this world which you have made.
But our lack of constant caring
may become the price we’ve paid.
For its beauty and your creatures
may not now survive our greed,
if we cannot work together
in this hour of nature’s need.

3.  As your oceans are polluted
and your icecaps melt away,
we must find a way of progress
far less harmful in its sway.
When we smother earth with concrete
and we lay your forests bare,
we destroy all nature’s balance
and the creatures in our care.

4.  Holy Spirit, move among us
as you did at Pentecost.
Fill us with a new desire
to redeem what may be lost.
Give us minds to see more clearly
all the changes we must make,
so your creatures may still flourish
and your planet re-awake.

5.  Let your people stand together
as we speak a common tongue:
words of meaning and commitment -
‘Let us make your kingdom come’.
For creation’s heart is groaning
and the time is ‘now’, not ‘when’.
Time for action and for healing,
let all people sing ‘Amen’.

Text © Jan Brind 2003, 2010, 2013

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